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There is no violence in the architecture of Studio mk27. There is no gravity in their domestic spaces. The projects are a concentration of boundless optimism, compositional serenity and achieved balance. Any type of brandished intellectualism has been banned from their happy houses. The architecture opens to the inhabitant by means of empathy, proposing order and harmony as the main design principles.

Filippo Bricolo
Investigation on Marcio Kogan - Studio mk27
isbn 9788862422802
current edition 9 / 2018
first edition 9 / 2018
language English
size 16,5x24cm
pages 152
print color
binding paperback
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the author

Filippo Bricolo, architect, believes in the redeeming power of beauty and elegance; which is why he has written a book about Marcio Kogan.

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