Fifty recipes to tell the story of the flavours and aromas of Sicily today and in the past. A gastronomic journey through the season with anectodes, hand tips and a pinch of history.

Lucia Mazzullo
Four seasons of sicilian cooking
isbn 9788862421300
book series libri
current edition 3 / 2020
first edition 5 / 2014
language Italian/English
size 14,8x210cm
pages 157
print color
binding paperback
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the author

Lucia Mazzullo (Ciuzz) teaches at the Gambero Rosso’s Città del Gusto (Cities of Taste) in Catania and Palermo. She is one of the five chefs of the Accademia del Sapore Lagostina and represents Sicily at a number of wine and food events.

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