The Masterplan of Politecnico di Torino is a process for spatializing strategies, a permanent construction of possible scenarios which promotes the process development through the project and the morphology. Indeed, there is no strategy without a spatial vision.

Therefore, architectural design may gain a new and original value, unfettering itself from the pure figurative dimension, instead becoming critical from the tactical point of view.

editors Antonio De Rossi, Carlo Deregibus, Emanuele Cavaglion, Silvia Favaro, Matteo Tempestini, Dalila Tondo
Spatializing strategies
The Masterplan of Politecnico di Torino 2016-2020
isbn 9788862424349
current edition 9 / 2020
first edition 9 / 2020
language Italian/English
size 20x27cm
pages 112
print color
binding paperback
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