The Seminar New Forms of Complexity in Architectural and Urban De­sign, aimed at drawing attention on the chal­lenges of contemporary urban transformations by exploring the future of architecture through the key of complexity. Architects need to keep up with the times and the stringent challenges they present; therefore, they should be prepared and gain a full under­standing of the complex and interconnected systems we live in; at the same time, they need to adopt a long-term perspective and suggest a range of concrete measures in order to inspire habits and attitudes designed to re-es­tablish our connection with nature, among other things. 


editors Nicoletta Trasi
New Forms of Complexity
in Architectural and Urban De­sign
isbn 9788862427852
book series Tracce
number 1
current edition 10 / 2022
first edition 10 / 2022
language English
size 14,8x21cm
pages 128
print color
binding paperback
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