This book takes inspiration from one of the most significant matter of debate of the recent years, that is to say the role of memory connected with Conflict Heritage. Linked as they are to unpleasant stories, they represent a patrimony that is difficult to manage. However, we believe they have the potential to resonate beyond their local contexts and work toward the construction of a collective identity on a European scale. This book presents a critical anthology of essays for the first time grouped in according to three main topics, archaeology, art and museography, and offers different approaches and new perspectives on the theme of Conflict Heritage.


With contributions, among others, by Sharon Macdonald, Ian Chambers, Marek Jasinsky, Luca Basso Peressut, Elisabetta Terragni.

editors Michela Bassanelli, Gennaro Postiglione
Re-enacting the past
Museography for conflict heritage
isbn 9788862420648
current edition 7 / 2013
first edition 7 / 2013
language Italian/English
size 17x22cm
pages 444
print b&w
binding paperback
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