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Twentieth-century Turin was not only an important working-class city but also a great middle-class city: one in which, despite increasing inequalities, social differences seemed bound to weaken over time, due to a gradual expansion of income, consumption and welfare. The book observes the residential buildings for the middle classes that were erected in Turin in the decades after WWII: a time marked by a remarkable urban growth in which a relevant part of newly produced housing was aimed at social groups looking for better comfort in their living conditions. The book collects essays, thematic maps and photographic surveys focusing on four broad topics: policies, places, stakeholders, and forms.

Gaia Caramellino, Filippo De Pieri, Cristina Renzoni
Explorations in the middle-class city
Torino 1945-1980
isbn 9788862421584
current edition 9 / 2015
first edition 9 / 2015
language Italian/English
size 16,7x22cm
pages 160
print color
binding paperback
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