Loqui is a series of thematic interviews about the practice and theory of architecture and design.  

The series gathers contributions by authors with different backgrounds, in an effort to present multiple points of view, and build a landscape made of voices that, being either in agreement or in contrast, are complementary.  

The titles in the Loqui series are pocket-size, affordable books, designed to be read by anyone, anywhere.


Series conceived by Francesco Trovato

Scientific direction Federica Doglio

Scientific committee Federica Doglio, Carlo Gandolfi, Alessandro Mauro, Claudia Sansò, Francesco Trovato

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Andrea Branzi
Luca Poncellini

Formare pensiero progettante


Matilde Cassani
Luigia Lonardelli

L’immaginarietà dello spazio pubblico

o lo spazio pubblico come immaginario