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Series created and curated by Marina Montuori


This series showcases contributions by authors exploring the multiple implications of architectural projects – whether hybrid, synergic, combined or empathetic – through practices involving manipulation and maintenance of existing building stock, capable, on the one hand, of reconnecting urban contexts, – and on the other, of bringing about social, economic and environmental compensations.

Expectations intends to promote the cultural debate by disseminating research that anticipates scenarios of urban development and brings forth latent aspects often eluding the mono-disciplinary approach as well as exploring themes related to different areas of application: from architectural history to architectural and structural design, from technological analysis to building production, landscape and the city.

The scientific and cultural aims of the Expectations are also reflected the philosophy of Alejandro Aravena, winner of the Pritzker Architecture Prize for 2016: «We must provide answers with what is needed, leaving the safety of irrelevance and running the risk of relevance».


International editorial series with the obligation of peer reviews (Area A08 – Civil engineering and architecture and in compliance with the guidelines of the Italian National University Council (CUN), the National Agency for the Evaluation of the University and Research Systems (ANVUR) and the Evaluation of the Research Quality (VQR). Peer Review on behalf of the Editor’s Office or of a member of the editorial staff or of an external expert (clear peer review).


Scientific committee:

Angelo Luigi Camillo Ciribini 

Renato De Fusco 

Marco Marcatili 

João Nunes 

Juan Manuel 

Palerm Salazar 

Franco Purini 

Valeria Tatano 

Patrick Teuffel 

Paola Viganò 


Editorial committee:

Barbara Angi 

Valter Balducci 

Massimiliano Botti 

Francesca Guidolin 

Giulio Lupo 

Alessandra Marini 

Valentina Orioli 

Massimo Rossetti 

Alberto Soci