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MInDS is an intensive learning model, and as often happens with acronyms, it is a play on words. It is a name, of course, which refers to different ways of thinking. But it is also an abbreviation, which stands for Milano Intensive Design Studio and which, in this sense, indicates a particular teaching model conceived as an international exchange and education platform, activated in the Master's degree program in “Architecture Built Environment Interior” of the Politecnico di Milano.

Matteo Poli, Valentina Noce, Michele Porcelluzzi

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isbn 9788862427432
current edition 5 / 2022
first edition 5 / 2022
language English
size 12x16,5cm
pages 190
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the author

Matteo Poli is associate professor in Landscape Architecture at the Politecnico di Milano.He has been publishing books and articles on landscape, architecture and urban design. He won national and international competitions in the field of his research.

Valentina Noce is a researcher and architect. She is completing a PhD in Architectural Design at Politecnico di Milano. She works as an architect with the Milan-based studio Armature Globale. Her research is focused on technology in architecture.

Michele Porcelluzzi is an architect and researcher based in Milan. His research activity at Politecnico di Milano is focused on the concept of collectiveness in architectural and urban design.

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