The monographic topic, takcled by Guendalina Salimei, investigates the approaches that her T-Studio has undertaken in the matter of Sensitive Borders over the past ten years. This issue looks at recovery and redevelopment from a multidisciplinary standpoint, by analyzing five key aspects: memory and innovation, water lines, machine of living, urban geographies and intersections. T-Studio and its founder wish to bring a contribution of theory and design to the topic of “sustainable living and living places”by considering them complex systems of relationships and functions.

Metamorfosi 04
Sensitive Limits
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isbn 9788862423274
issn 1590-1394
book series metamorfosi
number 4
current edition 9 / 2018
first edition 9 / 2018
language Italian/English
size 23x25cm
pages 112
print color
binding paperback
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