Bruno Zevi played a crucial role in the understanding and propagation of contemporary architecture. On the centenary of his birth − in an ideal partnership with the initiatives the “Bruno Zevi Foundation” is promoting both in Italy and abroad − “Metamorfosi, Q.d.A.” devotes this issue to some aspects of his cultural and educational battle. Its goal is to build a bridge between what the next generations learnt from him, all while following different paths, and what still remains alive and useful of his insights for a different way of practicing architecture inspired by social issues and in the pursuit of an evolving link between architecture, city and landscape. 

Metamorfosi 05
Bruno Zevi.100
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isbn 9788862423397
issn 1590-1394
book series metamorfosi
number 5
current edition 11 / 2018
first edition 11 / 2018
language Italian/English
size 23x25cm
pages 144
print color
binding paperback
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