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Scope of this book is to revive the project Atlantropa, designed in 1928 by the German architect Herman Sörgel, through a deep investigation of the continental metamorphosis described with more then 500 drawings and documents by Herman Sörgel and well known architictects such as Peter Beheres and Erich Mendelson.

Beside, the goal is to try to understand the contemporary meaning of Atlantropa vision via general study of the current Euro-African scenario, proposing at the end a reflection about Atlantropa 2.0.

Cristiana Penna
Atlantropa 2.0
The Euro-African continent
isbn 9788862428286
collana Alleli | Research
numero 170
edizione corrente 10 / 2023
lingua Inglese
formato 16,5x24cm
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Architetto, Dottore di ricerca in Architettura, Utopista

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